On Cosmic Silence

Mankind can keep alive thanks to its brilliance

In keeping its humanity repressed

And for once you must try not to shrink the facts

Mankind is kept alive by bestial acts.”

- Bertolt Brecht

The following was written as the COVID-19 pandemic was developing, at the time of this writing the latest WHO estimates placed the coronoavirs death rate at 3.4 percent.

Mass death confronts us with the mendacity of all political programs -left and right- that deliver little more than the shift of one political and ideological elite by another, from a Zizek that claims that communism is when the WHO does stuff to a Dugin that promises us this crisis will deliver us sacred vertical authority even as his poster child for such a society, Iran, it's on fire...

Mass death makes us confront the fact that the arc of history does not bend towards justice, it doesn't bend towards anything in particular, the heat death of the universe being the only teleological certainty this indifferent universe gives us.

Death, immiseration, all of this was always a latent possibility within modern civilization, defined this as the process by which large human and animal populations are corralled within a limited space for the extraction and appropriation of a surplus by an elite given command and control over said space and said population (makes no difference if such an elite calls itself liberal, traditionalist, communist…) it was never a matter of "if" but "when" such mass death would occur.

Now we awake to the sobering fact that as public health systems collapse in the metropolis and bodies literally pile up in the streets of the periphery no one is coming to save us and your precious meme ideology -whatever it might be- it's powerless to make sense of the devastation, of the suffering and sorrow brought upon us by our own supply networks. No, only the naked absurdity of human existence stands in the wake of the horror brought about by the crisis. No, it is more accurate to say the crisis has unmasked all hypocrisies, there's no return to normality for normality was always the problem, "how does mankind survive?" Asks Bertolt Brecht, the answer might surprise you...

So, what do I want? I want nothing, certainly not for millions to die, it brings me no closer nor farther from any political goal I might have, and believe me I have none for politics is always the place where scoundrels and liars make shady deals for the continuation of Leviathan under a different political and economic agreement. I offer you nothing, Silence, as the only coherent position that still can be articulated without becoming a sell-out, Silence as the only possibility of escape, of exit. Silence as the acceptance of death, as the surrender of all hope. Silence of a creature that understands and accepts its own mortality, Silence as the only thing that cannot be assimilated by the State in its idiotic hegelian dance toward the assimilation of all difference. Silence… I build my argument on nothing…